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I Want to Eat Your Books

Lefranc, K. & Parker, T. (2015). I Want to Eat Your Books. Waterside Productions, Inc.

I Want to Eat Your Books is about a classroom’s reaction to the brand-new student – a green zombie with an insatiable hunger for his classmates’ books! The little monster eats his way through textbooks, paperbacks and non-fiction, but he still won’t stop. The hero of the story must find a way to teach the zombie that the classroom’s beloved books are more fun to read than to eat.

The book puts cute, rhyming language and a bright colour scheme to good use, as well as a story that revolves largely around the characters’ love for reading. The climax takes place in the school library; a magical place that the children are thrilled to visit. It also includes a valuable message about making an effort to understand and accept people who are different. This message appears in the book several times, both through the children trying to befriend the zombie, and through the zombie helping the children in return.

This book is perfect for children aged 3-6, especially for those who enjoy light stories with imaginative characters. It is also a good choice in story for children who want a story that is a thrill, but is not too scary.


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