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Cowley, J. (2013). Dunger. Gecko Press: New Zealand.

Dunger is a children’s novel about siblings Melissa and William, and their summer misadventures. When the kids are persuaded to spend the summer with their grandparents in the Sounds, they soon realise that this is going to be far from a relaxing holiday, wiith only each other for company, no electricity and no cellphone reception. Can they survive a summer with their eccentric relatives – and when disaster strikes, will they be able to rise to the occasion and save the day?

Popular NZ children’s author Joy Cowley has created yet another wonderful story; this book is a perfect read for the summer holidays. It is funny and engaging, and includes some valuable messages about the importance of family and of giving things a chance. Equal parts humour and drama, Dunger keeps you hooked until the last page, where you’ll find yourself wanting to read more.

This is an excellent choice for independent readers between the ages of 7 and 12, as this is an enjoyable read that isn’t too serious. It will especially resonate with young New Zealanders, as the book’s main characters are two Kiwi children, and the story takes place in familiar locations.


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