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Lady Midnight

Clare, C. (2016). Lady Midnight. Simon & Schuster : United States.

Lady Midnight is the first in a brand-new series by popular YA author Cassandra Clare. Emma Carstairs, a young Shadowhunter – a half human, half angel warrior – has begun a quest to investigate a demon conspiracy, as well as the mysterious deaths of her parents several years ago. She and her best friend Julian work together to follow the demon trail. However, this isn’t the only thing they need to handle; an long-lost friend has been offered as a bargain by the faeries to the Shadowhunters. Where faeries are involved, there is sure to be trouble.

With light dialogue, a cast of characters that readers can relate to and an elaborate plot that’s easy to get absorbed in, Lady Midnight is an excellent, high quality read for young adults. The great number of characters in this novel make this stand out as a good choice in book for teens. The characters deal with a number of issues that most young people can relate to, such as unrequited romantic feelings and feeling self-conscious about one’s body. Readers who are fans of books with elements of fantasy and romance will especially enjoy this book.


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